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Pro Audio DSP DSM v2.8 WiN
Pro Audio DSP DSM v2.8
Pro Audio DSP DSM v2.8 WiN | 34 Mb
Developed by Paul Frindle, the developer of some of the most respected and beloved products in the recording history, including the SSL E / G series consoles, and the mighty SONY OXFORD OXF-3 digital boards. Talk about some serious audio legacy here.

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer v1.9
Noveltech Vocal Enhancer v1.9 WiN | 34 Mb
Vocal Enhancer intelligently improves the relevant characteristics found in your vocal recordings. Heard on countless hits by top engineers around the globe. It also works great on many other signals that feature a lot of mid range, like guitars and snares!

Noveltech Character v1.11 WiN
Noveltech Character v1.11
Noveltech Character v1.11 WiN | 34 Mb
CHARACTER intelligently enhances the tonal spectrum and dynamics(!) found in your instruments and vocals by automatically adjusting complex sets of parameters rather than merely boosting a specific frequency region.

Millennia TCL-2 v1.5 WiN
Millennia TCL-2 v1.5
Millennia TCL-2 v1.5 WiN | 32 Mb
The Millennia TCL-2 delivers the stellar, transparent sonics of the beloved Millennia Twincom in plugin form. The original hardware Twincom features Millennia's "Twin Topology" technology, which gives users the ability to select either a full tube, or full J-FET/solid-state signal path.

Millennia NSEQ-2 v1.5
Millennia NSEQ-2 v1.5 WiN | 32 Mb
The Millennia NSEQ-2 is a go-to parametric EQ for many of the world's leading studios and mastering houses. Its unique Twin Topology design and pure Class A transformer-less circuitry offers a simplicity which yields a powerful, sonically neutral, analog EQ.

Maag Audio MAGNUM-K v1.0
Maag Audio MAGNUM-K v1.0 WiN | 36 Mb
The original MAGNUM-K™ hardware is a single-channel Compressor built to complement the audio engineer's craft. It is comprised of two serial compressor sections (MAGNUM COMP and K COMP), a very musical Parallel EQ (with LMF and M?ag's signature AIR BAND®), plus a Soft Limit (soft limiter).

Maag Audio EQ4 v1.9 WiN
Maag Audio EQ4 v1.9
Maag Audio EQ4 v1.9 WiN | 32 Mb
You've heard the Maag Audio EQ4 on the vocals of artists ranging from Madonna to Celine Dion, and from the Black Eyed Peas to Snoop Dogg. Now you can have this legendary EQ right inside your DAW.

Maag Audio EQ2 v1.5
Maag Audio EQ2 v1.5 WiN | 31 Mb
The M?ag EQ4 is one of Plugin Alliance's most popular plugins. International pros rely on its tremendous musicality to enhance their tracks. Now M?ag has released their TEC Award nominated EQ2 in a plugin version, bringing that Air Band® magic to a lower price point and creating the perfect compliment to the EQ4.

Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop v1.0
Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop v1.0 WiN | 17 Mb
The Chop Shop plugin sports a super intuitive interface that allows users of all skill levels to quickly address tonal issues in their audio and enhance the original character of sounds in a musical and transparent way.

Lindell Audio Plugins Bundle v2.0.0 WiN
Lindell Audio Plugins Bundle v2.0.0
Lindell Audio Plugins Bundle v2.0.0 WiN | 67 Mb
The Lindell Bundle gives you the complete collection of Lindell's plugins, from his stellar emulation of the classic Neve® 2254E™ limiter, to the Pultec inspired sweetness of the PEX-500 EQ, to the FET based "76" style compression of the 7X-500 limiter. Never before has there been a plugin bundle that delivered so much authentic vintage tone.

Fiedler Audio Stage v1.0.2
Fiedler Audio Stage v1.0.2 WiN | 18 Mb
Simply put, stage is here to give your mixes that final shine and depth you've heard on countless records, drawing out an inherent character you might not have even known your sounds possessed.

ENGL E765 RT v1.5
ENGL E765 RT v1.5 WiN | 42 Mb
This amp is lesser known than the 646, but you should listen to the audio examples below. Very versatile, rocking amp for anything from Jazz to Hard Rock. Less aggressive than a 646, but reaching into metal territory, especially if you combine it with some nice pedals, and can be played with more expression as it reacts to the incoming signal very realistic. If you like to play with the volume knob on your guitar, this is your amp!

ENGL E646 VS v1.5
ENGL E646 VS v1.5 WiN | 40 Mb
This is the ENGL E646 - Victor Smolski Ltd, a true model of the Limited Edition ENGL head developed by the specialists at Brainworx. Four channels of pure tube attack power deliver the widest modern range of tones you can expect from an amp.

Elysia Plugins Bundle v2.0.0
Elysia Plugins Bundle v2.0.0 WiN | 374 Mb
Elysia Bundle Virtual Processor Collection at a Glance. Take control of your sound with alpha compressor. Define your dynamics with the mpressor plug-in. Get over-the-top tone control with museq and niveau. Shape your transients with nvelope.

Dear Reality dearVR pro v1.2.2
Dear Reality dearVR pro v1.2.2 WiN | 98 Mb
Dear Reality's state-of-the-art algorithms have been a mainstay of 3D audio production for years. Now, for the first time, their spatial processing treasure chest has been made available in an all-in-one plugin for your DAW: dearVR pro. Say goodbye to expensive middleware, unwieldy software bundles and complex routing schemes.

Dear Reality dearVR music v1.2.2
Dear Reality dearVR music v1.2.2 WiN | 96 Mb
With dearVR music, you create a virtual, three-dimensional world in which your singers and musicians sit-or roam around in real time. Move each track inside any of 18 virtual acoustic environments-including a concert hall, church, stage, drum room and more. Your DAW's automation records your moves in real time. Each environment is instantly and independently recallable per plugin instance, letting you place each track in a different space.

Dangerous Music BAX EQ v1.4
Dangerous Music BAX EQ v1.4 WiN | 62 Mb
The Dangerous BAX EQ is one of the smoothest sounding EQs you will use. It features a world-class design of Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950's tone control that has graced hundreds of millions of hi-fi systems, plus 2 high pass / low pass filters. This EQ is a fantastic tool for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Chandler Limited GAV19T v1.5
Chandler Limited GAV19T v1.5 WiN | 37 Mb
The Chandler GAV19T was inspired by classic British amps like Selmer, Vox and Marshall but with new added features that make it incredibly flexible. From the bias control that affects only the preamp tube bias, to the drive section that provides a treble boost, a full range boost and two flavors of mid boost for just the power amp section, to the Baxandall style tone controls, this amp's palette runs from clean to crunchy to shred-worthy chaos.

Brainworx Plugins Bundle v2.0.0 WiN
Brainworx Plugins Bundle v2.0.0
Brainworx Plugins Bundle v2.0.0 WiN | 2.01 Gb
Get your hands on the complete Brainworx plug-in collection with the bx Bundle! We've seen just about every kind of plug-in ever made, and few we've seen can compete with the creative ingenuity and sheer functionality of those offered by Brainworx. The plug-ins in the bx Bundle combine conventional dynamics and EQ control with unconventional tone-shaping tricks and advanced Mid-Side stereo processing.

Black Box Analog Design HG-2 v1.3
Black Box Analog Design HG-2 v1.3 WiN | 35 Mb
Meet your mix bus' best friend: The Black Box Analog Design HG-2. There's good reason why celebrated mix engineers like Dave Pensado, Bob Horn, and Jack Douglas use the high-end Black Box Analog Design HG-2 tube processor on their mixes.